When Monet, of CurlsandMo.com, came up with the BLM Blog Challenge idea we were incredibly excited.  Who wouldn’t want a kick in the pants to get their blog on track and to do it alongside a community of supporters!?!  We are so glad you’re here because it means you care about the success of your blog.

Consider those days of hoping your readership numbers will increase, wishing for a gorgeous blog and suffering from blogger burnout a thing of the past.  After you successfully complete this challenge you will see an increase in the following areas:

  • overall blog visual appeal
  • creating incredible content
  • engagement and interaction from your readers
  • and more

While participating in this challenge is completely free of cost, beware.  This challenge is not for the casual blogger who is not committed to putting in the work to achieve the desired results.  This three-month challenge is only for those who are truly dedicated to building something great.

Mo will be providing all the details on her blog, but it will be your responsibility to visit her blog and check-in on a weekly basis to make sure you are keeping up with your assignments.  You will also receive a weekly email from The BLM Girls to cheer you on.

If you’re up for the challenge, you can view all of the details, requirements and sign up here!