After winning the  Poker tournament, Chris Moneymaker inspired many people to do the same thing as him and there was Moneymaker effect back then.

Know The Moneymaker Effect in  poker online club

People will play the game if they know someone has already won the game especially those who were not professional players. It happens in Poker game after Chris Moneymaker won the game though he was not a professional player at all. It happened in 2003 at WSOP main event and this game has been growing slowly and steadily. However, no one knew if there was an explosion of that game.

What is Moneymaker in  Poker

Chris Moneymaker was a 27-year old amateur player since he had main job as an accountant. Surprisingly, Moneymaker can deal with around 838 amateur and professional players and he won around $ 2.5 million. Actually, Moneymaker started playing this game in 3 years and he played at the live tournament such as WSOP as the first tournament for him he’d never played in his life due to job.

Moneymaker can be considered as the representation of the onlinePoker player in new generation. He won the satellite tournament with $39 for the buy-in and he got a seat in the real tournament which was larger in WSOP held in Las Vegas with $10,000 as the live tournament. Once he sat, the game began.

He kicked out some amateurs and professionals quickly and he became the winner. Right after winning, the popularity exploded and many people start playing Poker as inspired by him.