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What Being a BLM Girl Means…
The BLM Community welcomes women of all walks of life who:
Live the Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated.
Have an Others Focused Mindset:  Thinking about how we can help one another and not solely involved for personal gain.
Embrace a Spirit of Excellence:  Offering helpful and constructive feedback, support and help to make the BLM Community excellent!
Exercise Kindness and Respectfulness:  Being careful to always remain respectful and kind in comments and when sharing posts.  This is a community of bloggers of all ages, races and backgrounds and so it’s important what we share is not offensive.
How to Become a BLM Girl…
After completing the BLM Membership Application below you will be sent an email to join the FB Group.  Please allow 3 business days to receive this email.
Add the BLM Badge (found below) to your blog.