In 1440, Johannes Gutenberg developed the printing press during the Revolution era and also helped to push the playing card popularity with mass production. Playing cards were competed at that time with devotional pictures and printed with wooden stencils which were painted with hand by guild apprentices. The metal which was movable and durable replaced the woodblock printing.

As you know woodblock printing had been dominant for making the production of illustration and images for the cards. Gambling and playing cards were seen as the amoral activity despite the popularity and at the religious fervor’ height throughout the entire Europe in Middle Ages, there were some laws created that banned the card gambling because Church saw this activity as the corrupting vice. The French decks which were popular were made into different size varieties but they eventually remained in 52-card deck.

Among 52-card deck, 13 ranks were found for every suit with the faces made reversible and now, those become the standard of the today’s card gambling. It was French deck that first included Jack or knight, Queen, King and Ace along with some lower hands from 2 to 10 into every suit. That is becoming the international standard in land-based casino and gambling online until now and you can play any game you like from Blackjack, poker, Baccarat and other varieties from each game.