BLM Fern Pin
Often we read comments from members sharing their networking experiences and asking for a way to visually identify themselves as BLM Girls when they are out and about attending events…“It wasn’t till we were 5 minutes into the conversation that we realized we were BLM Girls”The Bloggers Like Me Team has searched high and low for the perfect way to express who we are individually and collectively and happened across the fern leaf pin.
These values ring true throughout the Bloggers Like Me community which is why the fern is a perfect fit! Of course, we love the fact that the BLM Fern Pin has a classy gold finish to compliment most any look.We’re excited to announce that the BLM Fern Pin can now be pre-ordered for only $6.50 (plus tax) at or by clicking the “Order Now” link below!  With a portion of the funds from this and other projects we’ll be able to fund ideas like: scholarship opportunities, website/forum redesign, more group merchandise, events and more.Wear your BLM Fern Pin and easily spot other BLM Girls wearing theirs!
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